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That changed in the past few days as Whats App has finally updated its Play Store listing to 2.12.250 with all of the goodies that we've been anxiously tracking over the past months.This means that all of your friends and relatives who never manually grabbed apks are now on the same page as you when it comes to Whats App's features. This includes skin tone variations of many pre-existing emojis, which are accessible through a pop-up.


If you follow the site, you’re probably familiar with Xip Wire, the text-to-pay service.We have used it for several donation drives here on the site, and we have nothing but great things to say about it.A couple of weeks ago I sat down with Sharif and Sibyl, the two folks behind the service, to chat with them a bit about Xip Wire. What are some of your thoughts on mobile payment technology?On this site, we provide you with tools and resources to understand and work with Jabber Video, including troubleshooting tips, answers to frequently asked questions, and access to our customer support forum where you can interact with Jabber Video experts.

Globanet Merge1 is a message capture platform and ingestion engine that helps enterprises comply with various regulations and policies by consolidating various data types into one archive or mail solution for ediscovery.This is how Jacada, a popular Visual IVR provider, implements it. Advantages of Visual IVR Systems: You could stay up to date on Computer Networking & IT Technologies by subscribing to this blog with your email address in the sidebar box that says, ‘Get email updates when new articles are published’.



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