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Here is a graphical representation of the results illustrating the differences of how often colleagues and bosses socialise.


Filled with important messages, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL is an upbeat made-for-TV movie about a pair of teens who, after discovering a mutual love of song, overcome pressure from friends to ditch their newfound hobby.But the moment Jughead and Betty shut Archie out of joining them in the part of the show where interesting things are guaranteed to happen, that causes a ripple effect Riverdale making clear just how inconsequential and even downright oblivious Archie is.In this episode alone, we get: I’ve pussyfooted around it for weeks now, but it’s plain to see here: Archie Andrews really is an idiot.Many of us would never dream of going bowling with our bosses or nipping to the pub for a quick drink after work but a lot of us are OK with it.

This survey found an interesting difference between those more happy to socialise with their colleagues over their bosses.

In George Lucas” initial draft of “A New Hope,” Solo was a Ureallian (alternatively known as Yourellians).



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