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Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a glass of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo right about now!All this reminiscing over the breathtaking views of Tuscan hills and vineyards is making me hungry, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!In the new museum, due to open in Anzola Emilia, near Bologna this fall, exhibits will include a recipe for black truffle gelato dating from 1808.

Gelato has been a big deal here since, and especially this summer, when temperatures have reached the high 90s.

ROME, Italy — Italians are expecting the opening of their country’s first ice cream museum, but forget any ideas that gelato, as it’s called here, is frozen in the past.

A new wave of iconoclastic ice cream makers is revolutionizing the scene in Rome with flavors such as gorgonzola, mushroom and lobster with vodka.

Here it is an art, it is culture, and it is science.

When I was told I would be learning how to make gelato, I actually got quite excited about it since it reminded me of when I used to visit my grandmother’s house every Sunday after church, and how I loved to taste her homemade vanilla ice cream (which wasn’t gelato, of course).

"There are no limits," says Claudio Torce as he hands over a scoop of habanero chili-flavored gelato at the headquarters of his ice cream store company in the modernist EUR neighborhood in the south of the city.



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