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How did this alleged hook up or relationship happen? On "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 2, Episode 3, Iaconetti, admitted she was the mistress of a man back home.There are reports that the canoodling began after Bailey and Iaconetti attended the charity event One Night in Paradise: A Bachelor Benefit organized by Iaconetti's sister and season two contestant, Ashley Iaconetti. Bailey quickly became the most disliked man on "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 2 because he used and played Juelia Kinney, a single mom. There had been rumors that Lauren wanted to leave the Paradise set. A couple of the guys asked her why she's unhappy and wanted to leave. "I don't have a boyfriend -- just someone that I'm super into. I'm just so in love with him that I can't even do anything." She explained that she was casually dating the man, and thought she could handle joining the "Bachelor in Paradise." "Well, I'm -- I'm kind of a mistress," she revealed but quickly added the man was not married.According to Wetpaint, the picture was taken as the two cuddled in bed or somewhere private. 4, Bailey tweeted the photo below of him with Iaconetti.She's wearing a "Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky" shirt and fans know Bailey is from the Bluegrass State. He refers to her as "baby mamma." What could that mean?the potty training time is reduced by 6 months on average.Because the Peter Potty® is adjustable, and the right size for little boys, it is eliminates accidental messes during the potty training process. On a serious note, it kind of irks me to see boys sit down unnecessarily. With a little practice they can help extinguish a campfire because believe me, until you have experienced that little gem you haven't really lived., patrons of a swanky New York City party were stunned when they saw Singer attending the event with Dexter on his arm.


Us Weekly has confirmed that the country singer has been dating Brittany Kerr since he filed for divorce from wife Jessica Ussery in April 2013. PHOTOS: Biggest celebrity cheating scandals of 2012 Back in 2012, Aldean, 37, was caught on camera kissing alum Kerr at a bar in West Hollywood.

Sonja Morgan and Jill Zarin were just a few of the people at the 25A cover bash on Sept.

28, watching on as Dexter and Singer flaunted their relationship.

It ranks high up there, together with sex and religion.

It is an emotionally charged subject because of the various meanings and feelings we attach to it.According to the , an eyewitness stated, "Mario introduced her as his girlfriend, and said loudly to whoever would listen, 'My life is better now, it just keeps getting better and better.' However, despite the onlooker saying that Mario was proudly boasting about his new girlfriend, another source says that Singer was a more apprehensive, as states, he didn't want to be photographed with Dexter.



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