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DIRECTOR: BEN MALLABY There's a mosquito that takes more than just your blood.Writer MICHAEL SPICER, Cast MICHAEL SPICER, ALICE LOWE, RICHARD HERRING and RACHEL STUBBINGS, Producer VANYA SACHA, Director of Photography AARON ROGERS, Editor SAMI ABUSAMRA, Composer...DIRECTOR: BEN MALLABY Hanna and Alfie negotiate their one night stand. Starring RICK EDWARDS and RUSSELL KANE, Writer MAREK LARWOOD, Director Of Photography PETE BISHOP, Producer GINA...First episode of a 6 part series for BBC3 with Tiger Aspect. DIRECTOR: SAMI ABUSAMRA Richard Branson attempts to record a brand new tannoy announcement for Virgin Trains. This is a director's cut and not the version that went out. DIRECTOR: SAMI ABUSAMRA Boulla and Rebecca give us a rundown of their Top Ten best things about the land of the America.

Her candor shouldn’t surprise anyone who has heard her stand-up or interviews.Indeed, it reads like dispatches from self-described “Long Island trash” and an extreme introvert who is grappling with new fame and wealth.Schumer is happy to annotate her mortifying teenage journals and spill details about the nightmarish international press tour for her hit movie “Trainwreck,” but she also wants people to know that she’s more than the raunchy “sex comic” she’s perfected in her Comedy Central show.“I haven’t figured anything out, so I have no wisdom to offer you,” the comedian-turned-TV and movie star writes in “The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo,” her highly anticipated collection of essays.

“But what I can help with is showing you my mistakes and my pain and my laughter.” Schumer, 35, emphasizes that this book (for which she was reportedly paid about million) is not a memoir or an autobiography.

Ku and Carr reminisce on shows they've done including the one they just finished in Amherst, MA.



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