Wsus group membership not updating

If you want to speed up this process to test if your WSUS configuration is working, log on to a machine in your domain with local administrator privileges and run gpupdate /force followed by /detectnow.

Then open Windows Update in the Control Panel and click Check for updates.



I don't think you can move them, but you can create a new one, such as right click on Group A and create sub-group 1.

Client-side targeting - Requires that clients either be able to process Group Policy (i.e.

a member of a domain) or have the settings set in their Local Group Policy or registry (and why you'd do either of those last two things is quite beyond me, as well).

Finally, in part three, I’ll go over WSUS 2012, reporting, and Power Shell.

Don’t forget that Group Policy settings can take up to 90 minutes to apply.I move them to their proper group, but the clients don't see that I've changed the groups for several hours.


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