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star cast 28-year-old Kirby in the latest installment of his action franchise after being impressed by her magnificent turn as Princess Margaret in the acclaimed Netflix series.

She is set to reprise her role in the hugely-anticipated second series later this year.'s Henry Cavill and Jeremy Renner.

Related: John Mayer Praises Bieber Amid Tour Cancellation In fact, it's believed that Lentz advised Justin to finish out the tour. But it looks like salvation may be on the horizon, as new reports claim the singer might be taking some time off to focus on his faith — and possibly even start his own church! The Church of Bieber — or, if he wants to go more contemporary, Biebertology — could actually be a reality.”(right), now claims, “Cruise has it bad for ‘The Crown’ star Vanessa Kirby.



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    He later said, "Lots of money and lots of free coke will turn anyone into a cokehead." , an award-winning indie film.

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