Who is tiesto dating

He developed a passion for music at the age of 4 when he began learning to play guitar.

When he was the tender age of 8, Martin was swimming deep into the pursuit of becoming a DJ after being interested in DJ Tiesto and DJ Jayvee playing at the Olympic Games in Athens.

"I promote Holland and there's no other artist as famous abroad because most of them sing in Dutch."Tiesto, on the other hand, plays a very accessible form of techno-trance.

He will take his "Elements of Life" show all over the world during the next year, playing to hundreds of thousands along the way, from Russia to California. In 2003 he changed the rules of what a DJ might achieve when he played a six-hour set entitled "Tiesto In Concert" at the Gelredome in Arnhem.

He has his own waxwork figure in the Dutch Madam Tussauds, and Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands awarded Tiesto the Order of the Oranje Nassau.


I call him Big Brother T [and] he calls me Little Sis V because our initials rhyme. I love working with him and he's told me he loves working with me.

At this rate, Martin will defiantly turn out as one of the best DJs the world has seen.

Martijn Garritsen was born on May 14 1996 in Amsterdam.

This popular actor likes to keep his private life under wraps even amidst the huge success of his TV show This Is Us.

But on Wednesday, Milo Ventimiglia discovered he cannot keep his real-life romance secret any longer.Skrillex knows all about hitting his head on stage ...



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