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Only a 16-year-old at the time, Debra said her mother was screaming and a 'basket case' upon receiving a phone call from Los Angeles police that confirmed the 26-year-old's death.

Debra also revealed she initially didn't believe Manson and his followers were responsible for killing Sharon Tate, who was eight months pregnant at the time, because 'it just didn't make sense'.

The air force is reeling from what they exposed: a covert war against its women.



Such notices are made available here as a convenience to consumers."It was just devastating," retired lieutenant general Josiah Bunting III said later. As the former superintendent of the Virginia Military Institute, Bunting opposed allowing women to attend that school, which had been a southern male bastion since 1839. But even the reports Bunting had read on the academy scandal in the newspapers, and his own experience with the macho rigors of V. I.'s infamous "rat line," a hazing ritual, did not prepare him for what he heard in Colorado Springs on July 10.But in 1996, when the Supreme Court ordered the publicly funded military academy to admit women, it was up to Bunting to find a way to peacefully and safely matriculate female cadets. "It was much worse than what I had ever expected to find," he confessed. But she and her classmates Lisa Ballas and Jessica Brakey, who'd also reported sexual assaults, decided to fight the system.

Air Force Academy she'd been raped by another cadet, she was punished.

To submit comments or requests for hearing electronically, complete the form provided and submit your information.



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