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The book got lost during the sale of the family's house in London's Eaton Square for £37million, the court heard, but Miss Lawson denied she panicked because it contained drugs.Instead, she explained she had been in a 'high state of anxiety' because she feared she had lost the rings.In her post the Domestic goddess described her love for the recipe in her traditional descriptive style.


Miss Lawson's outburst at Isleworth Crown Court in London came at the end of her second day of questioning in the trial of two Italian housekeepers accused of stealing from her and business tycoon Charles Saatchi while the couple were still married.

As the argument escalated, she was photographed wiping tears from underneath her sunglasses.

At the end of the meal, Saatchi got up left the table by himself.“He walked off in a huff and left Trinny on her own,” quoted one onlooker as saying.“Her hair appeared dishevelled and her eyes were red from crying.

Lawson admitted to taking cocaine with Diamond six times from 1999 when he was terminally ill, and once while she was still married to Charles Saatchi.


She also admitted to smoking cannabis, but denied that she was an addict.

Trinny Woodall has addressed the public row she had with Charles Saatchi, during which she was photographed crying at the same restaurant he now infamously grabbed ex-wife Nigella Lawson by the throat.



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