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Ma Linda Sapp, his wife and former co-pastor of his Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, died from colon cancer in 2010.

Donnie Mc Clurkin sparked off rumours as he posted a picture of the date he took to the Stellars awards, Nicole C. They both walked the red carpet of the 31st Annual Stellar together and seemed very close indeed. Mullen...a wonderful night..is right with the world," he said Both singers have been open about their love lives in the past.

SHE IS NOT MY WIFE," Sapp exclaimed in a Facebook message.

"The only reason why I'm posting this is not to put her on blast, however it is because she has placed a link onto her page as it pertains to my booking."The woman, who goes by the name First Lady Annisha Sapp, took to Facebook where she posted the message: "Hello Everyone!

The 47-year-old pastor and gospel singer, took to Facebook to honor his late wife."Today I celebrate the life of a phenomenal woman. The gospel singer previously spoke to about missing his late wife, Ma Linda Sapp, who also managed his career and helped with his church business."Every day is a new day.

Today would have been her 48th birthday," Sapp wrote. We miss her."Sapp and his wife were the head pastors at Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapids, Mich., before she passed away. I'm beginning to wonder in our pursuits for relationship happiness do we really understand what I Love You really means," he wrote.

For 4 1/2 years my primary focus was to #Repair NPrepare," he wrote.




"I'm not communicating with you via social media or through subliminal messaging.I think what you're doing by blasting it on social media isn't helping," one person responded to his Facebook message. Report these women, step up the security at your home. "Earlier this year, Sapp was forced to take out a restraining order against one woman who claimed to be his wife.



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