Who is lloyd dating now


Damning Evidence: Carlos Ortiz appears for a hearing at Attleboro, Mass., District Court, Tuesday, July 9, 2013.Ortiz told police that Hernandez allegedly admitted to firing the shots that killed fellow football player Odin Lloyd in June Ortiz claims that Hernandez had become upset that Lloyd had been 'chilling' with individuals that Hernandez did not approve of - but the two men apparently shook hands and agreed to let the argument go.One sunny day last week, a group of very excited people were crammed together in a darkened room.They were the band and full cast of a new production of Jesus Christ Superstar – and this would be the first time that they had performed together. "This is always my favourite day," says Tim Minchin, hardly able to contain his enthusiasm, recalling the magical moment his first musical, Matilda, reached this stage in its development at the Royal Shakespeare Company.



Lloyd's body was found June 17 in an industrial area near Hernandez's house in North Attleborough, about 40 miles south of Boston.Flashing a slight smile at the camera, she confessed to fans: 'Kids in bed now time for my relaxing bath, haven't stopped today #tiredmummy #pregnancyproblems'Despite feeling run down as she approaches the end of her pregnancy, Danielle could not help but gush of her excitement over her new arrival in a second snap.



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