Who is kara dioguardi dating

However, getting canned from Look, even if I don't love every song she's written (I still feel sorry for poor Kris Allen having to warble “No Boundaries”), Kara is a damned successful woman.

She has worked with everyone from Christina Aguilera to Meat Loaf to Pink, and she owns her own entertainment company.

If you were big fans of American Idol, you know Kara Dio Guardi.

She joined the show as its fourth judge in the show's 8th season - but she had a successful career before then writing hit songs for artists like Christina Aguilera, Pink, Kelly Clarkson and Britney Spears.

“Bryan Adams and Alicia Grimaldi welcomed their second baby girl in London earlier this week,” Adam’s rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The rocker and Grimaldi, who cofounded his charitable foundation, named their new bundle of joy Lula Rosylea. “Lula Rosylea decided to arrive at tea time,” Adams tells PEOPLE.

The two country singers, who came in 1st and 2nd on the show’s 10th season, were supportive of each other then, and still are today.

I remember freezing and not knowing what to do." Dio Guardi also reveals she suffered another traumatic experience as an adult, alleging she was sexually assaulted around 11 years ago following what she thought was a friendly dinner date.

After two seasons, her contract with the program was not renewed.

fired judge Kara Dio Guardi was kind of cold, I agreed with their choice to let her go – Kara was long-winded, annoying, and kept turning every critique into a story about herself.

While searching for food, the gang discovers that the island has camping and music, where the group sing a couple of song numbers.


During that moment, Jade (Elizabeth Gillies) hearts up with jealousy because Beck (Avan Jogia) being around girls and appears to be close to Tori more than Jade.Kara Dio Guardi has shocked fans by detailing her traumatic youth in a new book, alleging she was molested as a child and date-raped during the early years of her career.



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