Who is hugh hefner dating right now

Return to Transcripts main page CNN LARRY KING LIVE Interview With Hugh Hefner Aired November 29, 2005 - ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. BRIDGET MARQUARDT, HUGH HEFNER'S LIVE-IN GIRLFRIEND: Yes. I've pared it down emphasizing the quality with three very special ladies.


The reality show is "The Girls Next Door" and those girls are with us. And, within the space of about two, three months, I met an actress named Brandi Roderick (ph) and a couple of weeks after that a pair of twins from Chicago, Sandy and Mandy Bentley.

1 girlfriend is excited about her future dating prospects - just as long as they're not like her famous ex.



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    “We’ve all heard that thing about confidence being the most attractive thing,” he says.

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    "Everyone wants us to like each other, but we just don't." PHOTOS: Find out which stars attended the Idol finale Still, Alaina hasn't entirely ruled out the possibility of one day dating Mc Creery, 17.

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    Note that any polls run during the live session will be automatically launched during the Simulated Live playback, so you do not need to manually recreate them for this session.

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    parrot was going to set me up with an installer, but i figured i wouldn’t be a true geek if i didn’t at least take a shot at tearing into my truck’s dash and connecting it up myself.

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    The models installed a webcam on their computer so that you can see them live.

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