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Contrary to popular belief, not all good TV shows come from Hollywood. One school in Berkshire has banned Pokémon after instances of bullying to obtain the rarer cards.Sure, big studios can spend much more money on the production, but it does not necessarily mean better quality when it comes to the content. The bullying has finally stopped however, now that Mr. To view clip of Have I got News for you click here.Zagrał rolę Józefa K., bohatera ekranizacji powieści Franza Kafki Proces (The Trial, 1993).Pojawił się jako prehistoryczny yuppie Cliff Vandercave w familijnej komedii fantasy Flintstonowie (The Flintstones, 1994) u boku Halle Berry, Rosie O’Donnell i Elizabeth Taylor.A source confirms to ET that Grant and his girlfriend, Swedish television producer Anna Eberstein, are expecting their second child together.This marks the 55-year-old British actor's fourth child in four years.


And no, they are not dealing drugs the most dangerous item Delboy and Rodders ever wheeled and dealed were the exploding blow up dolls. The New Statesman The plot: Alan B’Stard a conservative MP cheats, makes porn movies and even commits murder all in attempt to get richer and more powerful. The hook: A hilarious and somewhat exaggerated look into the 80s conservatism. Tony: [Tony has been trying to tattoo himself with a darning needle] It was going to read “Deborah, I love you”, but now I’m just going for “Deb”. Are you being served The plot: Delightedly funny and rather eccentric cast of characters on a floor of rather formal, but albeit colorful (if you consider Mrs Slocombe’s hair) Grace Brothers department store in London is the gist of the plot for this golden English oldie. Hi – de- hi The plot: Set in the fictional seaside camp Maplin and drawn from the writers experience of working in a similar camp, its all about the staff and their daily lives rather then campers who are more often then not treated as nuisance. Eddie Fitzgerald is chain smoking, heavy drinking gambler that uses his considerable intellect and cutting wit to outsmart the murderers he more often then not manages to catch. Jonathan Creek The plot: Jonathan Creek creates illusions for magicians, but is recruited by Maddie Magellan a journalist to help her solve baffling crimes that leave the police puzzled. Favorite quote: [to Carla Borrega, having learned that her husband used to be married to a man] Jonathan Creek: I was just wondering what the technical term for that was – not so much “bigamy” as “bugger-me”. Silent Witness The plot: Although there are no fancy gadgets like on CSI and its numerous spin offs Silent Witness still makes for interesting telly as we dwell into the world of British forensic pathology. (For non UK residents MI-5 is counter intelligence and security agency). Hustle The plot: A colorful group of London based con artists pull elaborated cons week in and week out. Mickey ‘Bricks’ Stone: Screw up again, Danny and I’ll have it tattooed on your arse. Dalziel and Pascoe The plot: Dalziel, a politically incorrect inspector that drinks a lot and smokes a lot while his partner Pascoe is his complete opposite in every way. DC Seymour: No-one mentioned anything about looking for drugs. The hook: Sometimes a bit demanding on the stomach Wire in the Blood is an interesting watch, if for nothing else but Robson Green’s portrayal of brilliant but rather socially inept Tony Hill. Trial and Retribution The plot: Devised by Lynda La Plante Trial and Retribution is an interesting and sometimes complicated police procedural drama that follows the story from the time the crime is committed to the verdict in court. The different camera angles that give an unique insight into the story – from suspects and from police officers at the scene of murders.

W 1976 roku ukończył Eisenhower High School, kontynuując jednocześnie swoją karierę sceniczną w Flat Rock Playhouse (1978), teatrze PATP jako szekspirowski Makbet (Mac Beth, 1980), Millbrook Playhouse (1980), Oregon Shakespeare (1982) w przedstawieniach: Juliusz Cezar w roli Oktawiusza i Romeo i Julia jako Romeo podczas Oregon Shakespeare Festival w Ashland, The Empty Space Theatre (1984), Tacoma Actors' Guild (1984) oraz Minetta Lane Theater (1988).

Dla kina odkrył go David Lynch angażując do roli Paula Atrydy, syna księcia Leto (Jürgen Prochnow) w adaptacji powieści Franka Herberta sci-fi Diuna (Dune, 1984).

Most of these series will tickle you pink with glee. Jeeves and Wooster The plot: Based on the novels by P. Wodehouse, Jeeves and Wooster is set in 1920s London and centers around delightfully dimwitted Bertie Wooster (who gets in trouble often) and his gentleman’s gentleman Wooster (who much smarter then his master gets him out of every pickle). (as a greeting not the slang use of the word) Favorite quote: Wooster: “Madeline Bassett labors under the delusion that I am madly in love with her. And next thing I knew, there was policeman behind me. A female that likes chocolate and cannot seem to be able to keep her mouth shut. The hook: Not the best British comedy, but the one liners are quite catchy. You are holding in your hand a smoking goon; you are clearly the guilty potty. At work he is supervised by a man that sports a striking resembles to Adolf Hitler. Open All Hours The plot: Arkwright is a shop owner that would flog ice to the Eskimos, but is a bit mean with money. The hook: Dad’s Army is a British institution, that managed to draw in 18.5 million viewers at the height of its popularity in 1970s. His subordinates give him much more trouble then any of the criminals. Fowler: [talking about drugs] When I was a teenager, my idea of chemical stimulation was sucking on a Fisherman’s Friend! And you would not believe the body count per episode.


From golden oldies to modern date favorites, if you fancy a laugh one of these series is sure to tickle your funny bone. The hook: You mean apart from a plethora of delightfully eccentric characters and great dialogues? Well, when a girl thinks you’re in love with her and comes to you and says that she’s returning her betrothed to store and is prepared to sign up with you instead – what can you do except marry her? He put a sticker on my helmet and tried to clamp me. Not what the residents of Dibley had in mind when they asked for replacement. So you just get some music, and I’ll take all my clothes off. All things considered Stanley should be a gloomy man, however he is remarkably cheerful and full of mischief (and in them days they did not know about anti-depressants). Much of his time when not smooth talking customers is spent being a father figure to his nephew Granville and trying to convince his long suffering fiancée nurse Gladys to finally marry him. Favorite quote: Granville: You won’t let me buy firelighters. The hook: Thin Blue Line might not be as good as Blackadder, but it does go to show Rowan Atkinson can do much more then just Mr. The hook: There are no whiz and bangs in Midsomer Murders, just good old fashioned crime solving.

We have compiled a list of the best of British shows and there is something for everyone. Best of British Dramas Kingdom The plot: A small town solicitor Peter Kingdom copes with the suicide of his brother while running a small practice in the town of Market Shipborough. The hook: Beautiful scenery, Stephen Fry and the ever delightful Tony Slattery.



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