Who is adam lambert dating

Here are five things it taught us: Reader's Poll: The 10 Greatest Queen Songs Adam Lambert is no Freddie Mercury, but the man sure can sing.This isn't the first time Queen have attempted to replace their iconic frontman: Everyone from Wyclef Jean to Robbie Williams to Bad Company's Paul Rodgers, who toured with the band for the better part of the Aughts, has stepped into the late singer's massive shoes. Beyond the classics, Queen earned a huge response from tracks like the slinky soiree "Who Wants to Live Forever," the Broadway-esque "The Show Must Go On" and the swaying "In the Lap of the Gods." Their greatest undertaking?To complete the look, Lambert is donning drop-crotch pants and a tight black tank, showing off his arms, which are newly muscled and heavily ­tattooed, with much of the ink acquired during the last two years.It's a gloomier, rawer look for the former glam-rock revivalist, one better-suited for a guy who calls his inability to be content his "dark side."Adam Lambert: The Billboard Shoot"It's hard for me to be happy with things," he says.“Sam was out with a group of his friends, I was out with a group of mine, and we were all drinking and having a laugh.I saw the headlines and wrote him, ‘Oh my god, they think we’re dating! “To be honest, we’re not that close, but the little interaction we’ve had, he’s lovely, such a sweet guy.” “Sam and Adam have been friends for a while and often text each other but seem to have grown closer recently.Adam Lambert says he is learning a lot -- and not just about music -- from his super-smart Queen bandmates Brian May and Roger Taylor. "And, at Queen College, there's a couple of things I've taught them, too, or continue to teach them," he laughed.


I think I'm searching for some sort of answer."After six years in the spotlight, Lambert, 33, is still trying to find himself and his comfort zone in the music industry.Inside Queen's Huge Summer Tour With Adam Lambert It was fitting and not altogether surprising, then, when Lambert quickly linked up with the legendary act, serving as their frontman at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards and again during a brief European tour.Last night, kicking off a 24-date North American run at Chicago's United Center, the union of Lambert and Queen became official. Yet if the singer was any parts bewildered by his luck, he didn't show it on Thursday evening: The tour's opening show was a spectacle of the grandest order.Sam Smith and Adam Lambert are good friends who happen to be working together in the studio.

However, Lambert sparked the dating rumors once again when he shared a video on Instagram on Friday, Oct. Smith and Lambert have been rumored to be recording together, after they were seen together while the Queen star was in London working on his new album, as well.

From his cheeky call-and-response during "Another One Bites the Dust" to his outsize take on "Killer Queen," spreading out on a purple lounger and fake-chugging champagne, Lambert proved as brilliant a fill-in as you're bound to find. A reinterpretation of Mercury's "Love Kills," a 1984 solo track that the frontman made with Giorgio Moroder for a restored version of the 1927 silent film .



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