Whitney thompson dating site

Also featured at the second annual event was the gorgeous Whitney Thompson of America’s Top Model fame.

Whitney Thompson is a plus size model, founder of the plus size dating site for women, The Bigand The and winner of Cycle 10 of America’s Next Top Model.

Now it seems she's struggling to promote the site to others.

Ad Age reports that a proposed Super Bowl commercial for The Big and the Beautiful has been rejected by NBC.

Thompson says she was driven to start the site after her own frustrations with online dating.

(And yes, apparently, even models have trouble dating, too).



Whitney, who herself falls into the broad category of "plus-size model," created the site based on her own struggles with dating.

Since 2008, Cougar Life has grown to become one of the largest online dating sites catering exclusively to cougar singles and hot young men looking to date them.

Cougar Life is a place for men looking to date older women-and for women interested in dating younger men.

We are all for fighting for positive representations of female bodies in the media, but we can't say that The Big and the Beautiful spot actually shows that many plus-size women.

Instead, there's a butt shot of a petite blonde girl and a lot of rich-looking men prowling the Internet for sex with inexperienced women.

In another interview Thompson tells celebrity website Radar Online: 'I created this site so people don't have to stress over their profile, but can focus on the fun and excitement of meeting and dating other incredible people of all shapes and sizes.''Unlike other dating sites where members feel pressured to fit a certain mould, posting older 'flattering' pictures or even lying on their profiles, everyone here has the freedom to be their true selves.



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