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Margaret Woods,of UAF Scotland said: "We won’t stand for their racism, their Islamophobia, their scapegoating of migrants and refugees."UAF oppose any attempts by racists and nazis to organise here and will work with others to seek the biggest united mobilisation that we can to let these thugs know they are not welcome.


Stormfront began in 1990 as an online bulletin board for white nationalist David Duke's campaign for United States Senator of Louisiana.

A BID is being made to outlaw a White Pride march by "neo-Nazi" extremists being planned for Scotland's capital on the same day hundreds of Sikhs are to hold a procession.

So-called 'white nationalists' are planning a 'Remembering Our Past, Taking Back Our Future" gathering which is supported among others by the extreme right British Action, self-styled street activists. READ MORE: Face to Face: Roza Salih - I believe if good people speak up, light will overcome darkness They are expected to gather at Edinburgh's Waverley train station at 1pm on March 25 before moving onto the Covenanters' Memorial for 1.30pm at the top of the Grassmarket, the spot where over a 100 were hanged for their religious beliefs between 16.

Yet, until recently, I did not consider white men as romantic prospects. Meanwhile, my social circle is full of black women married to or dating white men.


All seem no more or less happy than other couples I know.

"We call upon anti-fascists, pro-refugee organisations, political parties, trade unions, community organisations, to come together to oppose the Nazi National Front." She added: "Edinburgh has no place for such fascists and racists.



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