Weekend speed dating

When: January 22 at 11 am – 10 pm Where: Corona Garden, Next to Bungalow 9, St Baptist Road, Bandra West Cost: Free entry Come and jump in a barrel of juicy handpicked grapes and stomp like a child.

The event is picture perfect with Sunday brunch at The Poolside, wine tasting by Sula Vineyards, live music and entertainment.

There will also be good music, fun games, kids’ area, alcohols and pamper session for lovely ladies.

The event is specially organised for food start-ups, home chefs and women entrepreneurs.

TO RECEIVE INVITATIONS YOU MUST CONFIRM AND ACCEPT YOUR WELCOME EMAIL. Always with a minimum of 10 to 15 eager and friendly singles ready to interact with you, we give you the time necessary to establish a connection.

Our brains are incredibly efficient in processing new information at a moments notice, without us having to even think about it.This weekend couldn’t have possibly produced a weirder theme with The Lobster Festival taking place in Rockland, an electronica underground art and music event raging for the last time in Belmont, a speed dating lark in Camden (random) and why not, a screening of JAWS.



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