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This page documents Quickcam, To UCam, and similar video/web cameras comments, tips, and photos. Subject: Saturn Image Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2006 From: Frank Ryan Jr ([email protected]) Here is my second attempt at imaging Saturn with the ETX-125PE & Philips Webcam.Also, see the Quickcam references on the Astrophotography - Basics page. The seeing was awfull and almost bright but I managed to pull out some details, (banding on the planet & the Cassini division).

Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 From: chasiotis elias ([email protected]) One of my first tries on deep sky imaging with DMK.Place some white electric tape on the same radius as screw #1 where is the Alen wrench.This screw by default will only affect vertical moves of the center of the star on the monitor.Thanks to MPU listener Jigar Talati for assistance with the shownotes this week!

This episode of Mac Power Users is sponsored by: Fujitsu Scan Snap Scan Snap Helps You Live a More Productive, Efficient, Paperless Life Transporter A new way to share, access and protect files.

I would like to create a peer connection on my server using the Peer Connection API.


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