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The CD was recorded at a Santa Clarita, California studio with producer Jeff Pilson, a veteran bassist who has played with DIO, FOREIGNER, DOKKEN and T&N, among others.In a recent interview with Glide Magazine, Vivian stated about LAST IN LINE's future: "I honestly don't know.Coincidentally, the two of them slept with each other after going to the club- an action that Angelina wouldn't live down, especially since she was leading Jose on.Considering the punch to the face at the end of the previous episode, Snooki finally felt closer to her roommates as they came to her aid to protect her at Beachcombers after she tried to protect them (well...their shots).(who now apparently also takes celebrities – and is as liberal with her definition of “celebrity” as she is “millionaire”) kicked things off with a little light internet stalking (come on, Patti – if your online research results only in a few shirtless selfies, but stops short of his third grade teacher’s home address, you’re doing it wrong) before proceeding in her mission to succeed where Mike Fleiss had failed.Though Patti managed to reclaim her edge by firing her standard stream of insults at all relevant parties, she wasn’t the only steadfast of the show.There’s the traditional transition, where shows like offer more reality time to seasoned reality veterans. As reality TV increasingly feeds on itself, a few familiar faces have recently popped up in unexpected places.


Because I was both alive and had some semblance of a soul in the early 2000s, I am extremely familiar with Janice Dickinson, ex-’s glossy halls in 2005, because that makes me feel extremely old).Ronnie was angry with Mike's approach to the situation and Snooki received a call that her attacker had been released from prison on bail.


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