Vb net adapter rowupdating


Public My Data Table As New Data Table Public Shared Sub Define Data Table() Dim Error Email As New Error Email Message Class With Error Email Try Using connection As New Sql Connection(My. Message) End Try End With End Sub Public Shared Sub Update Table() Dim Error Email As New Error Email Message Class With Error Email Try Using connection As New Sql Connection(My. Table Two " _ & "SET " _ & "[email protected], " _ & "[email protected], " _ & "[email protected], " _ & "[email protected] " _ & "WHERE Table One [email protected];", connection) adapter. I've put a bounty on this question because it's a problem I have had regularly since the days of 1.1 and I feel there must be a better solution to this than hacking the table adapter after I instantiate it. However you can use the extended method to wrap the Row Updated event and expose it to other classes (ie My Row Updated) The extension I have a possible alternative. The code below is to resolve my particular issue with SQL CE to be able to update IDs on the table.Alternatively, does your partial class have a constructor which is being called? EDIT: Okay, so presumably this is being used in a particular page or form - can you add it after the I am using the designer to create a typed dataset with a data table and table adapter. The Data Table partial class does allow you to override End Init however I can't see how to access the related Table Adapter from the Data Table.// Assumes that connection is a valid Sql Connection object. Row Updating -= new Sql Row Updating Event Handler(On Row Updating); cust Adapter.

Update Command = New Sql Command( _ "UPDATE Table2 SET " _ & "[email protected], [email protected] WHERE Table One [email protected] One Id;", _ connection) adapter. What is the purpose of the Row Updating event of the SQL Data Adapter?According to the docs, it cannot be used to "intercept" the update process and prevent the update command from being executed: command gets executed in any case.As the designer has created a constructor I can't add to it in the partial class. Row Updated = new Sql Row Updated Event Handler(On Row Updated); // Set Data Adapter command properties, fill Data Set, modify Data Set.


I could make the On Row Updated handler public and use this code on the form: My Table Adapter my Adapter = new My Table Adapter(); my Adapter. Here is a sample code to show you one way to achieve this: Public Sub Batch Update(By Val table1 As Data Table) Dim connection String Server2 As String = Get Connection String() Using connection As New Sql Connection(connection String Server2) Dim adapter As New Sql Data Adapter() 'Set the UPDATE command and parameters' adapter.



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