Validating test questions

Dave Collingridge noticed the same phenomenon when he was a social sciences graduate student unable to find a professor or other faculty member who would or could help him with survey validation.

Now a senior research statistician at a major healthcare organization, Collingridge has since researched and compiled his own method for validating survey questions, a strategy he shared in a Sage Publications article posted on Method Space.

Do you have a million-dollar idea in your head, just waiting to be acted upon?

Or will it be a complete bust -- an idea with no actual potential for return?

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One of the proposed survey strategies you may have run across is the suggestion to validate the questions in your survey.A Question Paper Validator (QPV) is responsible for carrying out a final independent check to ensure the course assessment is of the correct standard and fit for purpose.This work must be undertaken independently within the conditions, timescales and arrangements set by SQA, maintaining the security of the assessment materials at all times.Here are 20 questions you can ask to validate your startup idea -- before you commit significant time, money or other resources to its launch: If you can’t clearly state the problem your product or service solves, you probably don’t have a successful idea.


There’s a lot you can learn from those who have gone before you.I found it strange that faculty in a psychology department were unable to tell a graduate student how to validate a survey.


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