Updating your ipod dating sites to women

There are reports of this update causing problems, but Apple's fixed the bug, it says.

Still, it's important to back up everything just before you make any big changes.

Once that telltale red dot shows up on your device's Settings app, you're ready for i OS 10.

Apple rolls out the update gradually beginning on the morning of Tuesday, September 13.



Step 1: Open i Tunes and connect your i OS device to your Mac or Windows PC using its USB cable.

Syncing your new i Phone or downloading apps are tasks that just about everyone knows how to do.

There are some things about them, however, that still can give users some trouble from time to time.

Whether you use i Cloud or i Tunes, have the most recent backup ready in case you have to restore your device.

There are two must-dos in order for the update to install.

A prime example of this is updating the i Phone, i Pad or i Pod Touch using i Tunes.



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