Updating windows live custom domains failed reg traviss dating

Microsoft also offers Exchange Online as a hosted mail solution via Office 365 for Business subscriptions.There is a lot of feature parity between the two mailing services but the back-end is quite diverse and developing each feature twice isn’t the way to go forward.So, go for outlook custom domain for you blog and business.If you are looking for a custom domain email on a reliable host for free, then Microsoft Outlook is the best free solution.The one thing it does not do though is offer email services out of the box.One way to remedy this is to use Google Apps to create a domain for hosting of email.Update - May 27, 2014 Microsoft has announced that it will no longer support custom domains using Outlook. As a result, this content of this post is no longer valid.They are encouraging customers to use Office 365 moving forward.


This is still free and can be used for unlimited users.Ads will only show within the web interface which you can optionally disable via an Ad Free subscription just like now.Ads also won’t show when you open the Skype, Notifications or Help Pane on the right side.no longer offers support for new custom domain sign ups.

New customers looking to manage custom domains are encouraged to use Office 365, Microsoft’s premium online service, which also includes enterprise-class mail, collaboration and communication tools. Recently, Google has stopped offering Google Apps for free.

I use Google Apps for my personal email for me and my family and it works great.



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