Updating text files using php Free sex speetchatting

after I've read alot of similar problems with the edit/update function on a file and non of it worked I would like to ask for some help. I have tried those things: This was the last code which I've readed here and didn't worked. I am getting this error which I can't manage to find an answear in google.

Warning: fopen(text/) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Is a directory in $file_path= "text/" .

The feof() function is useful for looping through data of unknown length.

The fopen() function is also used to create a file.

* example :: /path/to/file/or * @param string $data The data to write.

* * @param int $flags same flags used for file_put_contents.


In the following exercise you will create a simple application that allows you to enter data into a form and upload it to a server as a text file, and use another form to view and edit the data on the server. Create the page using the code shown below, and save it with the filename "create_contact.html".AJAX = Asynchronous Java Script and XMLCSS = Cascading Style Sheets HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language PHP = PHP Hypertext Preprocessor SQL = Structured Query Language SVG = Scalable Vector Graphics XML = EXtensible Markup Language The first parameter of fopen() contains the name of the file to be opened and the second parameter specifies in which mode the file should be opened.



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