Updating slax Nude amateur usa

Hello The 32-bit hard float port is complete and available now in the "current" branch!Thanks to everyone who has donated - much appreciated form of recognition and encouragement (particularly last week when I hit tool chain problems).After incorporating the newly created LZM module into Slax, we will then configure Firefox and save the configuration changes as a second module.


The Live System is based on SLAX with latest Slackware 14.1 kernel version 3.20.

This specifies every needed command to complete the objective, but it does not explain the usage for all of them.

Explaining basic Linux commands is beyond the scope of this document.

Despues de 7 meses , sale una version nueva de wifislax64 , la version 1.1.

Esta sigue utilizando como base slackware64-14.2 actualizaciones de seguridad , con lo que la estabilidad esta garantizada.

If you need instruction on producing such a drive, please see How To: Install Slax On A USB Flash Drive.



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