Updating remote sql database with dbase

This article here explains how to convert a table into an SQL database via Open Office.Essentially you open the Excel (or whatever) table with Open Office-Calc, select and copy the full table or a subset to the clipboard, and simply paste it into Open Office-Base with the right mouse button. The version Libre Office 3.5 introduces a new Postgre SQL driver: Alternative Postgre SQL ODBC driver perfectly works with the latest Libre Office. There are not mac OSX version of official SDBC driver, you can connect your postgre SQL database using the JDBC driver. Look for 'Step by step DB import procedure (MS-Windows and Linux)'.link in the description to install the runtime version that is bundled with ZENworks. For other database types, if there are less than 200,000 records to be purged, this page does not open. If there are more than 200,000 records to be purged, the Upgrade installer gives an option to purge the database before upgrading the Primary Server.


The time required to complete the upgrade of the first Primary Server depends on the size of the data present in the database.

The result of preparation is the executable or operational form of the statement.



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