Updating lg voyager

Navigate to i OS: Updating Your Carrier Settings then follow the step-by-step instructions.Cell phones today are more than just a way to talk to other people – they’re practically all-in-one electronic devices.

Carrier settings updates are small files that are installed on i OS devices.

Use your DC charger to power your phone through your car during a long commute, then switch to the USB you keep on your desk at work. Keep a spare AC charger to plug into any standard 110-120VAC wall outlet.

Thanks to our versatile selection, you never have to fear a dead cell phone battery again.

A screen will appear stating that the installation has been completed. To check your software version from the home screen: Updating while roaming You won't receive a software update notice if you're roaming.

You'll need to be connected to Wi-Fi to update your device while roaming.

Chargers are a phone’s best friend, but occasionally you’ll find yourself somewhere where you’re completely unable to charge your phone. We’ve got portable battery packs that can provide emergency power to your LG Voyager / VX10000 phone in a pinch.



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