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If someone here has a 2004-2006 lexus, I'll pay you if you burn me a copy of your DVD!!

Otherwise, anyone know of any websites (probably overseas) that sell copies of the DVD. Starting with 2001 model year vehicles, the updates are performed by the dealer installing a DVD update disc.

The company also couldn't say whether customers will see the problem fix itself with another software update or if they will need to head into dealers to get it fixed.

Some users on Twitter have reported success with disconnecting their battery for a few moments to force a reset of the system.

However, at any point in time Navigation Australia cannot guarantee that (a) our digital maps are a 100% reflection of the Australian road network, or (b) that we will be able to address map error requests within consecutive map update releases.

Our team works hard to ensure our maps are as accurate as possible.

What should I consider before updating my DVD Navigation System? Just like most people do not change their regular maps every year, most people do not need to update the Navigation maps every year. You can read what particular mapping changes are included in the Update to determine if you would benefit from the changes. You should be aware of the release timing of future Updates.For example, updates typically become available in the Fall. Starting with 2001 model year vehicles, the updates are performed by the dealer installing a DVD update disc.If the Fall is only a few months away, you may want to wait for the next Update, rather than getting the currently available Update which will no longer be "the latest" after a few months.l And if nothing else works, here are a couple of Lexus forums that you can maybe post your question in. The system is not designed so that a customer can update the software Things to consider when Upgrading the System Q. Updates are completely voluntary and are not necessary. Most drivers will not experience a significant mapping change with an Update.I wanted to know was there any special steps needed to update.

I don't know if I have to replace an old DVD or upload the new dvd maps over the existing ones The data is all contained in the DVD itself. Here are the steps as outlined by Lexus for a 2015 RC 350 with Navigation…



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