Updating fuji memory card software

The Fujifilm X10 (9) is a premium compact camera that shows interchangeable lens cameras don't get to have all the fun.The X10 has a cool retro design, solid build quality, a large optical viewfinder, and a ton of manual controls.I'd recommend picking up a 4GB card if you'll be mostly taking stills, and an 8 or 16GB card if movies are your thing.Picking up a high speed card (Class 6 or higher) is a smart idea, and if you're really hardcore, the X10 supports UHS-I SDXC cards for the fastest speeds possible.


This is a high-capacity flash card that can hold anywhere from 8GB to 16GB of information.With the direct USB 2.0 high speed data transfer that can reach up to 480 Mbps from the memory cards utilized in digital cameras, cell phone or MP3 devices, the users can save time and conserve power on the device.



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