Updating excel

I have multiple sheets which need to be dinamically updated from the main sheet. If a cell is deleted in the main sheet, the referenced cell in other sheets shows error "#REF! If a custom row is added in a non-main sheet, and then that sheet is sorted by that row's values, all the cells get jumbled Is there any way of avoiding these problems?I've used the following code to do that: =IF('Sheet1'! Sorry for the messy explanation but I really need help with this.Steps to be followed while updating an excel file – 1. Open Existing workbook using an input stream since, we want to read content from existing file. Get existing sheet then row and then cell objects for existing content that we want to update.


After the worksheet recalculates (e.g if I change any values), I have found that the associated charts are not automatically updating.Out Of Memory Error: GC overhead limit exceeded exception.



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