Updating credit score

"It's hard to qualify for a loan, but if you qualify, the rates are phenomenal," she adds.How rapid rescoring works A rapid rescore is essentially "an unofficial updating of the credit file," says Wayne Sanford, president of the Texas-based credit consulting firm New Start Financial.If you have opted in to the Financial Fitness Dashboard, your Vantage Score credit score, provided by Equifax, is updated once a month. The date of last update is listed in the text above your score.Keep in mind, although we are updating your data every two weeks, your credit score may not actually change each time you view it.The simple answer found frequently in online sites is that credit reports and scores update monthly.

If you check in regularly, you’ll be able to keep track of your score.

I’m considering buying a home, so last month I checked my Discover statement to get my latest score.



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