Updating acura navigation system

Even after this step the system takes another 5 HOURS to complete the update in the background. 4-- The nav screen and touch screen continue to show update screens and to fix it the system has to be reset, which can only be done at the dealership. Of course when I called the dealership the service dept knew nothing about it. Still can't believe a system design that takes 75 minutes with the engine running to update software was actually released.

Returned and got new set (correct part number), which were apparently defective -- it basically "bricked" the entertainment and navigation systems. (Disks also returned for refund) The Acura Tech support line told my dealer they have to replace entertainment and navigation system, which they are in the process of doing.If you do this then the install could become corrupted meaning you might have to take your car to an official dealer in order for them to resolve and issues that come up.



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