Umd speed dating study

Participants will be filmed and asked to wear a Fit Bit-like watch to monitor heartrate, body temperature, skin conductance, etc.Participants will have the option to ‘match’ with other participants.At Smith, we encourage our students to be proud of who they are.


The objective of the study is to examine how short conversations between strangers evolve over time.Shirtless or revealing pictures will not be permitted.Participants will be asked to come to Henderson during the evening (date, TBD) for the Speed Dating Event.Contact Mike Marcellino at [email protected] for more information.


Smith Out Founded in 2013, The University of Maryland’s Epsilon Chapter of Theta Pi Sigma (the world’s first queer gender neutral fraternity) is the first frarority on the East coast.

O., Rullkötter, J., A Comparative Study of Molecular Paleosalinity Indicators: Chromans, Tocopherols and C20 Isoprenoid Thiophenes in Miocene Lake Sediments (Nördlinger Ries, Southern Germany), Aquatic Geochemistry, v.


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