The fractionation technique of dating

Now if you are looking for more conventional seduction techniques then read this article instead. Do this for as long as you want – be it several seconds or minutes.Just make sure you go into a deeper level of relaxation each time you go back in.Therefore, it would be highly advisable to get into a deep mode of relaxation and clarity before you begin.With this technique, you will be able to master the game of seduction and quickly get women to like you. If you are hoping to increase your levels of focus, relaxation or emotional intelligence, or if you want to improve certain traits, attitudes, behaviors and beliefs that you have based on your feelings or your mind, fractionation would be one of the safest, fastest and easiest ways to do so.If you truly want to expand and open up your overall range of experiences, then fractionation would definitely be the technique for you.Now that we’ve given you an idea of what it is, it begs the questions, “Is it effective? ” [Read: How to think like a woman and get the girl] How is it done?To put it simply, fractionation uses neuro-linguistic programming routines and emotional triggers in order to develop a strong emotional rapport with women.


Not many people know the secrets to fractionation seduction, but it is gaining ground within the spheres that are actively searching for the effective formula that will help men attract women. Or is it something that should best be left as a study instrument, as opposed to a tool that can lure women into men’s arms?And the seduction part was developed by different “experts” on women, like Neil Strauss and Derek Rake.


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