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If she has more than 2 longer or shorter cycles within a year, the Standard Days Method will be less effective and she may want to choose another method.All embryonic and fetal ages in this program refer to the time since fertilization.Over time, health problems such as high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes can cause this serious condition, which can lead to heart failure. It means the organ can't pump enough blood to meet your body's needs. This weakens the muscle and lowers the amount of blood flowing out even more, which adds to the problem.Pregnancy is one of the major life-changing events in one’s life, especially for young couples, and hence, it should be a well planned step.But the term covers several conditions that can hurt your ticker and keep it from doing its job.These include coronary artery disease, arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, and heart failure. A buildup of sticky plaque (fat and cholesterol) can narrow your heart's arteries, making it harder for blood to pass through.


A woman can use the Standard Days Method if most of her menstrual cycles are 26 to 32 days long.

These types of songs can turn an ordinary pop star into the next big thing, all because the artist decided it was time for an image change.


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