Taylor momsen dating ben phillips

What perhaps was more of a shock was that neither Madonna, 51, nor Lourdes, 13, made an appearance at the launch of Material Girl in Macy's, in New York. Dressed in cropped black top, skinny black jeans and studded leather jacket, she looked every inch the rock chick.Her style also perfectly suited the new range, which consists of ootwear, handbags and accessories, including Eighties-inspired ra-ra skirts, lace mini-dresses and sequinned hot pants.Taylor: It's been cool, once people can get past that I play a character, on a TV show, named Jenny Humphrey, and that I'm a real person outside of that. Ben: The fans of Gossip Girl are great and very supportive.Taylor: They are very supportive; it's just crossing over to people who are pretty judgmental, because I'm on a TV show.

She also laments that, once upon a time, she duct-taped her nipples. But I don’t look back on the records and go, “I wish I didn’t do that.” So the music was always the thing that has been in our world. I’ve read that in a couple reviews that have come [out] that I’ve seen, which is fine. I go through ups and downs just like everyone does.BEHIND THE SCENES IN THE SPOTLIGHT TRACK BY TRACK ALBUMS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE NOTHING COOL RHYMES W/ MINDY BRITTANY HAS AN APPETITE CASSADEE'S CORNER MARIEL'S CLOSET ESSENTIAL LISTENING TEN YEARS ON ALBUMS OF THE YEAR While in the UK for a short promotional tour, Alter The Press managed to sit down with Taylor Momsen and Ben Phillips of The Pretty Reckless.



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