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This doesn't mean my roots are down, I'm just resting.Lonnie feels like a home I am tassie born and bred.The Pier Hotel / York Cove Investments Transaction Processing.We may use your Personal Information to create a convenient and easy-to-use shopping process that includes an Online "shopping cart" that allows you to track selected products and proceed through purchase.

As part of the Fair Dinkum Sheds team we have the purchasing power of one of the largest suppliers of steel buildings in Australia, offering you highly competitive prices with up to the minute region specific engineering and design specifications. We collect personal and Non-Personal Information Registration and Transactional Data.When you register on our Site, we may collect various kinds of Personal Information including your name, e-mail address, address, and phone number.All designed and manufactured in Tasmania for Tasmanian conditions.

All our steel buildings are constructed from quality Australian made steel.Since moving into the program, Nikki has saved money, gained life skills and found employment opportunities.



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    includes any physical assault, with or without weapons; behavior that a reasonable person would interpret as being potentially violent (e.g., throwing things, pounding on a desk or door, or destroying property), or specific threats to inflict physical harm (e.g., a threat to shoot a named individual).

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