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This weekend the smitten pair will walk down the aisle to tie the knot, becoming the sixth couple to marry from the hit show.

Beckie and Adam did not actually date on the show – Adam picked another contestant Laura to join him on the Isle of Fernando's.

One posted: "James must've been bad for Melissa to finally turn her light off #Take Me Out" While another wrote: "Bl***y hell, History has been made.

continued tonight (May 20) with cringy chat up lines, dancing dudes and a few dodgy dates as ever.

The account even joked that the host has changed his mobile ring tone to the noise.


” Her husband Adam posted the same picture on his Instagram, writing: “My wife is perfect” with a heart emoji.Read on for a breakdown of what went on, from cheesy answers to Nick's dirty nails.



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    In 1989, the author put a chatbot on the Internet, whose conversations can be seen, depending on our definitions, as having "passed the Turing Test".

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    By Schiaparelli it's from the label's AW16 Haute Couture collection and we've fallen hard for this sparkling beauty. It's not available to buy online but click (right) to take a closer look at the full collection now.

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    No physical addictions but the mental craving to get fucked up on something. I met my (now ex) boyfriend last year when I was going through my needle days.

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    Pradeep heroics Earlier, paceman Nuwan Pradeep clinched his maiden five-wicket Test haul, putting the brakes on India's free scoring.

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    She was invited to join the cast of the TV show In the Game (2004), but backed off, citing creative differences.

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