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The North-South divide has widened significantly in the past decade, with Southern English cities driving the economic recovery while many in the North lose jobs and stagnate, a report reveals.

For every 12 new private sector jobs created in cities in the South of England over the past 10 years, one private sector job has disappeared in the rest of Britain.

But the air quality plan drawn up by ministers then was ruled illegal in the court.

Mr Justice Garnham found that the Government relied on “optimistic” vehicle emissions tests and ignored “higher, more realistic” figures in order to delay action.

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Traffic-calming measures could be removed to prevent drivers from repeatedly slowing down and speeding up, which increases greenhouse gases emission levels.They will increase pressure on all the major parties to spur growth by fast-tracking plans to boost infrastructure – such as the HS2 high-speed rail line – and by devolving more power to Northern cities via directly elected “metro mayors”.George Osborne has pledged to build a “Northern powerhouse” in the region’s towns and cities – a reflection of Conservative nervousness about its electoral frailty in the region.It follows research from Imperial College London, which found that 98 per cent more nitrogen dioxide and 64 per cent more carbon dioxide is produced when driving over bumps as opposed to gentler road cushion, which have a shallower slope.

Prime Minister Theresa May promised new air pollution policies after the High Court ruled last November that the Government was not doing enough to bring the UK into compliance with EU laws on air quality.

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