Speed dating events in wilmington nc

Then the groups rotate with each business getting bite-size moments with 18 to 20 investors.

For Wrightsville Beach resident Tony Delbusso, it is an opportunity to be seized.

Click the "Buy Now" button for the Raleigh/Durham event you would like to attend. Please read the Information Regarding Age Groups, Cancellation Policy and Free Pass Policy HERE.

If you have any problems signing up for an event, please email [email protected]

But perhaps the most intriguing-sounding event involves those much farther from the mountaintop.

"Start-up speed dating" will give nine fledgling businesses five minutes to convince investors they're worth the risk.

Like first dates everywhere, these come with high hopes and fluttery nerves.

The financial stakes, though, could go well beyond who pays for dinner.

Note: This event is open to everyone - both new and returning.

If you need to know if you have met anyone before - just email [email protected]

Price: before August 13th and August 13th and later.

The 29-year-old is pouring every cent he has into Sportsbone.tv, an Internet video site catering to football gamblers.

The idea for the site grew out of a Friday newsletter Delbusso started e-mailing to friends two years ago, breaking down the odds on the weekend's college and pro football games.25 wedding professionals set up, and 25 couples will rotate through their tables in speed dating round style.



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