Sooyoung and siwon are dating

It has been confirmed that actor Lee Won Geun will be taking on the lead role with Girls Generations Choi Sooyoung in JTBCs new web drama called A Person You Could Know (literal translation). On April 18, Lee Won Geuns agency Yooborn Company confirmed that he has accepted the casting offer. [ 249, -24] I've seen several posts about evidence of these two dating on Nate Pann for a long time now. [ 72, -6] Leeteuk and Taeyeon dated too, let's be honest here ㅋㅋㅋㅋ SM always dates within the company6. [ 370, -42] Proof of Victoria and Changmin dating have been coming up on Pann for a while now ㅋ Most of SM artists date within the company, especially the ones that starred in WGM. I'm pretty sure people that saw the evidence posted are just sitting here thinking, "It's finally come." ㅋ3.




Lee Seo-Jin’s father was also a former Treasury Director, and the family is known to have businesses in the insurance, tourism and financial sectors.

The Kangin and Tae ones were pretty popular in 2009, yeah its just shipping but there were some fanccs lol, and it could be that it was a friendly breakup, you cannot jump to conclusions based on what they are showing us.


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    Some churches believe that being gay is a sin and that Christians who think they're gay need to invite the Holy Spirit to convert them to being straight.

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    Following in her sisters footsteps, Bella also has a thing for smooth crooners.

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    This really helps cut the tension that can arise when speaking with someone new.

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