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Foreign surface mail— ,00/1 year only, US- funds. Get the instrument that really works, the Palomar Engineers R-X Noise Bridge. And use it in your shack to adjust resonant frequencies of both series at Ki parallel tuned circuits. Fully guaranteed by the originator of the ^-X Noise Bridge. Rama 64 Polishing Kenwood's R-1000 — 3 gem in the rough . Gibson 52 Licensing for Americans Overseas -classes help, but our government doesn't The Masher ^$on of The Amazing Audio Elixir , W5VSR 76 Innovation or Consternation? AK0Q 78 Let s Go Shopping — baggir^g the used gear bonanza ... • Digital readout for VFO, memory Chan., RIToftset. Ofm Year (12 isw^ S^OO Tmo Y««/s (24 issues) .00 Three Veara ^ issues} S53 00 Elsewhere: Canada— 127.00/1 year only, US, fyrrtji. To subscribe, renew or change an address: Wrlle to 73 Magazine, Sutmcrip Mon Department, PO Bo* 531, Fann Ln£^ dafe N¥ 11737, For fenewali and ctianqes o1 address, include Ifw «d- dr«^ l«J:t, Sub- sertptkon Safv«c«s, P. Your SWR meter or your resistance noise bridge tells only half the story. Add £3.00 Shippin/Hafidling Ca Mornia re SFdents add sales fax. CA, 92025 Phone: (714) 747-3343 4 JSMagaiine • March J 982 ^ The Porta-Peafer — the Instant Communicator —quick and easy does it ^ WA2BHB, AC2A. 82 MA GAZIHE Home-Brew a TVRO Downconverter —works with last month's LNA -... WA40SR 58 TVRO Q & A —advice from WB0POP WB0POP 62 Indian Hams Rejoice — import restrictions lifted , ,.

And I cater and party plan on a local level.” While all these activities have enriched her life, they’ve left little time for dating.Hi-fevel bal- anced mixer front end tor superior strong signal handling performance. • Rugged, built-in solid- state power j^mpyfi^t • SSB(w/USa/LSBj, AM CW. ^^ 4H ^V ^H • General coverage recefverp 150k Hz to 29, 999MHz. Main tuning dial or push- button scanner in 10 or 100Hz steps. It we are gotng to be more honest about this, we have to admit grudgingly that when the chips are down, the emergency communications for most situa- tions are handled on phone via two meters and repeaters.,, something few amateurs have had any real emergency experi- ence with.• Transmit coverage: Mfne present and proposed bands, • Keyboard freq. One of the results of this is a pathetically slow traffic flow, with high percentages of the time wasted in callsign ex- changes, the endless repeating of words spelled out letter by let- ter, and the jamming of transmis- sions by operators unfamiliar with emergency traffic handling* If you stop to think about it, we are years beyond the time when we should have estab- lished a nationwide automated traffic net on high-speed ASCII which would route and pass along messages without any op- erator being needed.Veel van deze vrouwen zijn wanhopige alleenstaande moeders en gehuwde vrouwen die op zoek zijn naar spannend plezier. Ga je ermee akkoord om de identiteit van deze vrouwen geheim te houden?

Adventist Match is the world's only exclusive Seventh Day Adventist singles interactive website.

“I was so busy with school and work; and every church I went to the choices were slim to none,” explains Davis. He’s been really good for me.” Davis and her guy are doing the long-distance thing right now—they spent time together during her recent winter break from school—but are making plans to move closer to each other. history, unmarried households, with 50.2 percent of the population, exceed that of married households, which are at 49.8 percent. For males the median age for marriage in 1970 was 23.2 years old; for females, 20.8.


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