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What’s the point of seeing a pretty face if you can’t interact with them personally?

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Looking to chat or maybe RP through inbox during my commute.

Things I am not into: - Waste (Including scat and pee) - Nonsexual pain (including gore and snuff) - Extreme ageplay (not sexually... I don't favor one ethnicity/race over another and believe there are two typ... I much prefer profound and long standing D/s relationships to casual play.


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    Walk down Mango Avenue away from the naughty bars, towards the direction of “Temptations” bar and SM (i.e. As you get to a right hander at the traffic lights (next to Caltex), the road taking you to Temptations, El Gecko will be in front of you.

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    Are you living in the USA, thinking about moving to the USA or a US citizen living abroad and looking for a partner from the US?

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