Shuffle dating sim walkthrough

(Goes without saying that there will be spoilers : D )(When given a choice of 4 options, that is for personality and has no bearing on the endings except dialogue, so choose whatever you’d like.)Bad Ending: Hand him over to Vale’s Men–Love Ending 1:“Uneventful.”“A bold introduction, Miss Witter.I am pleased for it.”“I was not in society of my own choosing.”“I would be obliged to ask the same of you, Lord Stanton.”“Explain what was overheard.”“Some things are worth more than a bet.”“I found myself in trouble, and he helped me.”“I barely know myself.”“Your rudeness has forfeited any kind of payment.”“I often find myself enjoying my own company better than others too.”“Actually, we have never had formal introduction.”“I am relieved to be away from them.”“Say nothing and move away.”“Thank you for telling me the truth.”“Shuffle closer to Isaac.”“They are wrong.”“It’s not worth the risk if you’ll be hurt.”“Hide him.”“I don’t believe you’re in any condition to stop me.”–Love Ending 2:“Exciting.”“This is not how we should be introduced.”“Think better of it and only give a nod of acceptance instead.”“Pretend to have gotten lost.”“It is not my place to say.”“Gambling is fun now, but what will it give you in the end?kami_kun's Avatar Join Date: Sep 2004 kami_kun is on a distinguished road Shuffle translation game?Does anyone know if the shuffle game is translated anywere and were to dl that translation?

Though this post is more to catch the attention of someone who can actually post something useful about the project, like if the expected date has changed or any screenshots if the text has been inserted. Click here for the full cached page with images included.Whether he does the right thing, wrong thing, stupid thing, or funny thing is up to you.Beard and body hair options available for all the guys.Jul 10, 2007 • 60 minutes • It's summer - and you're still in school!


In Summer Session, you must balance your schedule to raise your stats and pass your exams.(You must be 18 and over to play.) Dec 04, 2015 • 100,000 words • Press-Switch is a game designed by Skiegh and is primarily focused on Body Swapping but with quite a numerous amount of other forms of TF and things of a similar nature.


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