Shaun sipos and britt robertson dating


“She just doesn’t feel like the kind of girl who could have a normal high school boyfriend, who could be dating Jones (Austin Butler).” Does this mean that Lux’s relationship with Eric will go beyond your appropriate student-teacher connection?It sounds like she’s steadily moving into Pacey Witter: Teacher’s Pet territory.And set your DVRs for tonight’s episode of “Life Unexpected” at 9 p.m. Creator Liz Tigelaar tweeted that it’s her favorite episode, so the bar has been set.“Life Unexpected” is welcoming “Melrose Place’s” Shaun Sipos to the cast this season, and his character, Eric Daniels, is… Zap2it visited the show’s Vancouver set and had a chat with executive producer Liz Tigelaar to get the scoop on Portland’s newest hunk. 14 premiere and surprises Lux (Britt Robertson) with his almost dangerously optimistic, hopeful outlook on life.


She’s sixteen, yes, but she’s a character who has never had a lot of boundaries in her life. She doesn’t have the same regard for boundaries as Eric does – Baze is pretty boundary-free, so maybe it’s in her blood.” “It’s a great question for us to explore. Follow Zap2it and @cadlymack on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news.

It’s even harder to believe that in such a small amount of time, when countless shows come and go, leaving little to no impression on viewers, Tigelaar’s passion project was able to impact countless lives, mine included, and maintain the spirit of yesteryear’s WB greats (I’m talking ? And if you love Liz, you’ll love this: In June, Tigelaar’s development deal with ABC Studios begins and she’s already got some amazing new stuff in mind.

“Right now I have ideas and have been talking with [ showrunner] Greg Berlanti about doing something,” she tells TVLine. But yes, there’s some stuff I’m starting to think about.” Rest assured though, Tigelaar will not enter into her next venture lightly.

What do you do with a girl who has never had boundaries set for her? “And what do you do when you connect with somebody who you’re not supposed to be with? ” We’ll say this much: we may have hung around the craft services tent a little bit longer than necessary while Sipos was getting his coffee.


In a senseless act of viciousness, Lux spilled the beans to Baze about Emma’s (Emma Caulfield) affair with Daddy Baze, causing the end of those two, as well.

Though Paige may not be Lux’s favorite person at the moment – she did frame her for stealing from Cate – Robertson says their relationship will improve. “They sort of go through some twists and turns in some upcoming episodes that you’ll see, but I think all in all Lux finds Paige to be really interesting and fascinating.


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