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For additional information regarding resources for students, refer to the resources below or contact Student Outreach & Support at 757-683-3442. S.) - receive assistance regarding class matters, administrative, academic or personal road blocks. Women's Center - sexual and relationship violence, victim advocacy, crisis intervention, education and outreach. YWCA Sexual & Domestic Violence Services - sexual assault and relationship/domestic violence support, counseling, education, emergency shelter and legal advocacy.For employee resource information, please click here or refer to the below list. 1000 Webb Center, 757-683-4109 Student Health Services - confidential medical care for sexual assault victims, not including evidence collection, by appointment or as a walk-in. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - Provides a counseling and referral service to employees and their families who are enrolled in a Commonwealth of Virginia healthcare plan. Academic Affairs - Provides consultation services and support to teaching and research faculty. 5215 Colley Ave., 757-251-0144 (24-hour hotline), 757-625-4248 (office) HER Shelter - Portsmouth domestic violence hotline, counseling and emergency shelter.


Old Dominion University is committed to providing support and resources to assist students and employees that encounter sexual assault, domestic and dating violence and stalking, and other forms of discriminatory harassment.The University will support and assist community members who take such actions.This policy applies to all reports of Prohibited Conduct occurring on or after the effective date of this policy.1007 Webb Center, 757-683-3132 Counseling Services - confidential and supportive counseling for sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking victims including assessment and referral. Office of International Programs - creates and leads a comprehensive internationalization program at the University. 757.683.4419 Military Connection Center - committed to assisting veterans including active duty members, reservists, guardsmen and their families to successfully navigate the transition to academic life. Spong Hall 757-683-3042 Employee Relations - Provides consultation, services and support to administrative and professional faculty, classified and hourly employees and managers on work-related concerns. 757-251-0144 (emergency hotline), 757-485-1445 (main office) Transitions Family Violence Services - Hampton hotline and shelter, support groups advocacy.

1526 Webb Center, 757-683-4401 Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity - receive assistance regarding student conduct policy/procedure related questions and hearing information and place to report violations of the student code of conduct. Safe Space Committee - strives to reduce homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism in the Old Dominion University community. Office of Educational Accessibility - assists all students with disabilities in the pursuit of their educational objectives. 757-723-7774 (hotline), 757-722-2261 (office) -4248 (office) The Genieve Shelter - Suffolk domestic violence shelter, hotline, counseling advocacy.It is the responsibility of every member of the University community to foster an environment free of Prohibited Conduct.


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