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THE Parishioners, taking the same into their Consideration, thankfully accepted of this Offer, and submitted the Direction of it to such Management, as the said Gentlemen should prescribe. Matthew Marryott, of Olney in Buckinghamshire, having, with great Success, directed the setting up Houses of Maintenance for the Poor in Buckinghamshire, and other Counties, was invited to Greenwich, to propose a Plan, by which the like might be done there.Accordingly, this Summer, a commodious House has been built near the Church, at the Charge of the Honourable Gentlemen aforesaid ; and at Midsummer, all such Poor, as receiv'd Weekly Pensions from the Parish, were admitted into it, to the Number of 900 odd, and are at present employ'd in the picking of Oakum, winding Silk for Throwsters, Spinning Jersey, and such other Work as they are capable of under Mr. THIS Undertaking being its Infancy, it does not yet appear what will be the Success of it ; but one good Effect it has already had, viz.That those that are absolutely necessitous, are better provided for than they were before ; and many of those were before burthensome to the Parish, have exerted themselves, so as to live by their own Industry, to avoid giving that Burthen ; by which, the Parish have already sav'd considerably. They are furnish'd with old Cable cut into Pieces, commonly called Junk, from the King's Yard at Deptford, to be pick'd into Oakum, for which they allow the Work-house 4 s. THAT there be Annually chosen by the Vestry, such Gentlemen and others, as the Parish Shall think most proper to inspect the Affairs of the House.And it has prov'd an effectual Means to drive Beggars out of the Town, notwithstanding the People in this House are lodg'd and dieted in so commodious a Manner as they are. THAT the Master shall keep a Book, and Register the Names of all the Poor that are maintained in the House, and that no Monies be brought to an Account but for such as are so Registered ; and that a daily Account of the Expence of Provisions be brought to a Weekly, and then to a Monthly Account, to be perused in the Vestry. that shall be furnished for the Use of the Poor, shall be view'd by the Churchwardens and Overseers, and by the Gentlemen of the Committee, or any three of them that shall be appointed to inspect the Affairs of the House, and that no Repairs be done to the said House, but what is actually approved of by the Committee.


to the Parish annually for supporting them; Two honourable Gentlemen of the Town offer'd to build a commodious House for Lodging and Dieting all those Poor, provided the Parish would consent to dispose of their Weekly Allowances under such a Management, as might, with the Produce of their Labour, wholly maintain them.

GREAT CENTRAL RAILWAY issued Revised Fare 3rd class single from Upperthorpe & Killamarsh to Woodhouse Mill (dated 3/9/1927) in VGC. (1)LONDON INDEPENDENT (PIRATE) BUS COMPANIES mostly numerical stage punch type BUS TICKETS from Enterprise, FS, Fleet, Frith & Hope, Grays, Hartley, Hawk, Hawklove, Henslowe, Heast, Hillman, HB&B (geographical), Imperial, Invicta, JS&SR, Julius & Lockwood. (16)LUGGAGE LABELS to ISLE OF MAN DESTINATIONS comprising North Staffordshire Railway (3-including large type), L&YR (2 with blue cross including to Ramsey Via Liverpool), LM&SR (9 including 2 large Transitional prints – 1 laid to card), GWR (3), Midland Railway (2), MS&LR (2), LNWR (large mauve label). (22)GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY all issued 3rd class singles from Bingham, Dewsbury (GN), Leeds (2 different), Morley, Pudsey (Greenside), Retford, Sherburn-in-Elmet. Also features a 1d Workman Single numerical stage type (poor). (60)LONDON GENERAL OMNIBUS Co Ltd AND LGOC & ASSOCIATED Cos fareboard geographical punch type BUS TICKETS issued between 1922 – 1932 from service 21 from Wood Green including higher values (up to 1/3d), Cheap Mid-day and a return. (40)GREAT EASTERN RAILWAY types G31/1 (7), G31/2 (7) and G31/6 LUGGAGE LABELS including G31/2 to Audley End, Broxbourne, Dereham, Downham, Hethersett, Histon, Lynn, G31/6 headed “Via GN&GE Joint Ry” to Stockport, Stockton, Sunderland, West Hartlepool, Wick, York, etc. (16)MIDLAND RAILWAY all issued whole comprising 3rd class singles from Cambridge (2), Gloucester, London St Pancras (2), Manchester (Vic), Nottingham, Nuneaton, a Dog single from King’s Cross EO, and bicycle tickets from Bath, Burton-on-Trent, Stamford. (25)BRADFORD & LEEDS AREA Pre-Nat PLATFORM TICKETS: Edmondson card: LMSR: Bradford F Sq (3 different); LNER: Leeds Central A (2 different) and B; LNE&LMS Rlys: Leeds City (13-all different issuing points/machines); BEAM machine issues: LMS&LNE Leeds City (3). Click THE LONDON ROAD CAR COMPANY Ltd punch type BUS TICKETS comprising nine geographicals at fares between 1d and 5d from a variety of services, plus a 1d white numerical stage type. Click THE LONDON GENERAL OMNIBUS COMPANY Ltd punch type geographical HORSE AND MOTOR BUS TICKETS comprising ½d, 1d, 1½d, 2d and 2½d issues some with purple fare overprints, others plain. (20)BR mixed regions 1d Red Diamond PLATFORM TICKETS (mostly Rly Exec conditions): BR(E): Bishops Stortford DO, Barking, Bromley № 1, Colchester DO, Enfield Town, Finsbury Park № 1 (BTC conds), Haughley, Hitchin, Hornchurch, Huntingdon (North) (/) (BTC conds), King’s Cross B, Liverpool Street A, Louth; BR(H): Edinburgh (P St) № 1 and № 2; BR(N): Cullercoats, Darlington № 1, Hexham (BTC conds), Leeds Central A, Manors North, Monkseaton № 1, Newcastle (M № 3). (22)BR(S) 1d Red Diamond PLATFORM TICKETS (Trans-name at base): Addlestone, Belvedere, Bookham, Brighton № 4, Charing Cross № 4, Denmark Hill, East Dulwich, Ewell West, Gipsy Hill, Hampden Park, Hinchley Wood, Ladywell, Maidstone East № 2, Mottingham, Pluckley, Red Hill № 1, St Margarets, Sevenoaks № 1, Sittingbourne & Milton Regis, Staplehurst, Swanley, Vauxhall, Waldron & Horam № 1, Waterloo № 7, Woolwich Dockyard.


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    Just because they have a picture posted online, does not mean that is the person you are chatting with.

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