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One in five children in public schools in the United States is either from an immigrant family or is an immigrant him or herself [2].

The process of immigration involves uprooting from the familiar—leaving one's homeland, family, friends, work, lifestyle, and in some cases, even value systems behind [4].

Brilliant law student Emily Drouet (left) died eight days after Angus Milligan (right), a former public schoolboy from a family of prominent lawyers, turned up at her student halls of residence and choked her in a jealous rage At Aberdeen Sheriff Court yesterday Milligan, 21, a psychology student, escaped a jail term and was sentenced to 12 months’ supervision and ordered to carry out 180 hours of unpaid work as part of a community payback order.

Miss Drouet’s parents, Fiona and Germain, said Milligan had ‘preyed on Emily’s innocence and kindness’ and that their ‘naive’ daughter was subjected to weeks of verbal, physical and psychological abuse before she took her own life.

To assist the GAO, Sandia National Laboratories provided a team of scientists to review the Navy's technical investigation.

It could not go back for several weeks because the grave needed time to settle, but that was more than a year ago and the stone has still not been returned, with the executor of Shelagh’s will blaming a ‘breakdown in communication’.


She had arrived at the University of Aberdeen to begin her law degree only six months earlier.The investigations produced conflicting conclusions. The first investigation into the explosion, conducted by the U. Navy, concluded that one of the gun turret crew members, Clayton Hartwig, who died in the explosion, had deliberately caused it. Navy concluded that the evidence did not show that Hartwig was homosexual but that he was suicidal and had caused the explosion with either an electronic or chemical detonator. According to Ensign Dan Meyer, the officer in charge of the ship's Turret One, morale and operational readiness among the gun-turret crews suffered greatly.s Master Chief Fire Controlman, Stephen Skelley, and Gunnery Officer, Lieutenant Commander Kenneth Michael Costigan, persuaded Moosally to allow them to experiment with increasing the range of the main guns using "supercharged" powder bags and specially designed shells.During the investigation, numerous leaks to the media, later attributed to U. Navy officers and investigators, implied that Hartwig and another sailor, Kendall Truitt, had engaged in a homosexual relationship and that Hartwig had caused the explosion after their relationship had soured. The victims' families, the media, and members of the U. Moosally was led to believe, falsely, that top officials from Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) had authorized the experiments.The gravestone will be back soon.’Several of his six children objected but a High Court judge ruled that Shelagh, a former BBC production assistant, was entitled to the estate and his children should receive only ‘what was surplus to requirements’.

A mother yesterday told how her beautiful daughter’s life was ‘stolen’ by a controlling ex-boyfriend who flew into a vicious rage and assaulted her only days before she took her own life.

Emily was studying law because she believed in justice and wanted to make a difference.


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